Each time my kids and I returned from the vet’s office after having made that final, terrible decision for our beloved babies, we were heartbroken. The house seemed empty and echoed our grief.

Lily, our beautiful graceful dog was our first family member to go, then Winston our majestic cat went next. Of course the vet presented us with various options to memorialize them. All of which were either not respectful enough or beyond our means. So our loneliness and loss were compounded with guilt and shame. It felt as though we had failed our babies. It was horrible. I found myself moaning. “There must be a way!. There has to be a way…to inscribe them, make them indelible in this life, to say thank you, to bring them home.” As family and friends offered their condolences they shared their own stories. Too often the sense of profound loss was drenched in the anguish of having to leave their precious pets behind with the vet to be disposed of in the usual way.

That is how this site was born. I created it for my sweet babies and to share it with your sweet babies.  It took years to develop to design a memorial that allows every one of us to pay proper and unique tribute to our irreplaceable animal friends. So this is for Lily and Winston, Blue, Toofu, Muffin, and Gabby; To all of our most special furry, scaled, feathered friends who guarded us and our secrets, who loved us unconditionally, who were loyal, silly, noisy, cuddly and warm.

You are missed.

You are remembered.

You are so very very loved.

xo  Nanci Pach