The Sweetest Tribute

Express Your Love with 

  • An abundant  array of  scenic backgrounds and  images to create your heartfelt  memorial for your forever baby
  • Use your own personal collection of images and backgrounds to  replace or enhance your PWM selections
  • A personal  plaque with your baby's  name on it,  that rests  in the top row  on the memorial wall , visible every time you return to Pet Wall Memorial to visit your loved one
  • Even when you are unable to visit, your pet's personal plaque  rotates on the wall along side other Pet Wall Memorial residence
  • A privacy function so that your memorial can be for your eyes only
  • An editable guest bookwith privacy settings
  • simple  text editor that allows you to share your thoughts  and  place them on your memorial
  • A Remembrance or Epitath page 
  • Share  your Video
  • Share your slideshow


  • It's a beautiful way to express your sorrow while at the same time celebrating the life of and giving respect  to the  companion who gave you unconditionl love
  • It's  an exquiste and thoughtful way to say I love you
  • The interface is so simple to use, that evenchild can create a unique memorial
  • Return as frequently as you like to change the scenery, place new flowers ,toys, or to share a memory
  • Belong to a whole community that have beloved companions living in Rainbow Bridge
  • Great gift for friend, family, grandchild, and even you
  • Invite your friends and family to visit and share in your celebration
  • Create a beautiful memorial for friend or family
  • It's cathartic. Plus it makes you feel good for doing something good for your baby